TreatmentsOn site testing for Geopathic Stress

On site testing for Geopathic Stress

The Clinic provides an on-site service for testing Houses, Schools, Shops, Offices and other premises. The building is tested by dowsing to determine where the heavy lines of stress are within the building which maybe contributing to the ill health of the people who occupy the building.

Most people suffering ill health from this problem will have heavy Geopathic Stress in their bedroom area which will serve to run down their immune system and thereby contribute to the illness of the individual.

Recommendations are usually made following a test or a Raditech Neutraliser is installed at the time of testing. Thereby releasing the Geopathic Stress from the house right away.

This allows the individual to open up to successful treatment either mainstream medicine or complementary medicine.

For more information call us for a brochure on this subject.