To shield yourself against Geopathic Stress and Electro Pollution at home, at work or on the move, you can wear a G-Oyster all the time.

The G-Oyster is a powerful energy detoxer and will protect you - including children - where you sit, rest or sleep; at home, in the office, public buildings including schools and hospitals; in cars, on public transport and aeroplanes (prevent jet lag) - wherever you are 24 hours a day.

The G-Oyster can be carried in your pocket or hung inside your trousers or skirt, in the pouch the G-Oyster comes in, from your belt, buttons or on a cord across your body from your shoulder. Put it in your handbag or rucksack, if they are next to you all the time. You can also have it with you in bed under your pillow.

Take the G-Oyster with you on holiday and business trips, in your car to be more refreshed on your journey. Have it on your desk or by your computer to reduce tiredness and install calm. Protect yourself against stress and people you meet.

Placing the G-Oyster against a painful part of your body and may relieve your aches and pains.

Thickness: 2.4 cm - (Just under 1 inch)
Diameter: 8.5 cm - (3 1/3 inches)
Weight: 152g
Coverage: In the vicinity of you the carrier