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Kangen Water

This water will give you alkaline water for drinking. This is the smoothest and softest water I have ever known, it’s like velvet. Most diseases start with acidity and progress from there. By keeping your body alkaline and drinking at least 2 litres of Kangen water per day it will help steer you away from disease. It produces 5 different kinds of water and as well as the nicest drinking water you ever tasted. You can also reduce your cleaning bills. It can save a company thousands every year on cleaning and on household bills. Its safe and is a lifestyle choice for better health. 

It will:

  • keep the body alkaline (8.5water) and away from disease
  • produce Beauty water (6.5)
  • produce water for medication and baby formula (7.0 neutral water)
  • Produce highly alkaline water (11.5) that will clean even grease from pans and cookers
  • Acid water (2.5) to be used for cleaning worktops and floors has antibacterial effect. Its too acidic for bacteria to live in.

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