Laxman Meditation Machine

The InnerPulse is an advanced light and sound machine that incorporates myriad features that will bring you many physical and psychological benefits.

“The Laxman Meditation Machine offers the ultimate in relaxation. Different sessions are designed to enhance relaxation, learning, sleep and creative visualisation. As a doctor I would recommend it to anyone with high blood pressure, chronic pain, anxiety, stress-related problems or sleep difficulties such as insomnia. " ----- Dr Sarah Brewer, GP & author of 'Cut Your Stress' (Quercus)

The Laxman 'Innertainment' System is an advanced light and sound system that includes an integrated MP3 player for people who wish to experiment with the many opportunities that audio/visual stimulation provides. In addition to the excellent built-in programmes , the Laxman allows you to create your own light and sound sessions that you can use with your own music tracks, language-learning modules, self-recorded affirmations or hypnosis scripts, audio books - the possibilities are endless !

“I did a lot of investigation into Meditation Machines before deciding to buy the Laxman. Now that I've got it, I think it's the best money I've spent. It's had so many good effects on me. I'm sleeping better, I feel calmer and relaxed, and it's even changed my outlook on life. I really think I'm happier and more positive than before. It's a clever machine and I'm still finding out all the different ways you can use it. Thank you Meditations ! By the way, your customer service is brilliant" ----- John Kilcaddy , Edinburgh, Scotland

Clinical Studies

The Laxman’s efficiency has been clinical tested in a study carried out by Dr. Gabriel at the University Hospital of the Charité in Berlin. The study examined whether using the Laxman can improve cognitive performance, reduce stress, anxiety and improve general mental health.

The results show that using the Laxman leads to an enhanced level of stress tolerance, better relaxation ability and improvements in concentration, focus and memory.

Laxman's Features

The Laxman combines all the assets of a conventional “mind machine” with the characteristics of a state-of-the art multimedia device: an MP3 player and specifically designed All-Colour-Ganzfeld-Goggles.

The product is complemented by other features like intuitive menu control, four hours of exclusive ambient sounds, expandable memory (SD card), its own editor software, a USB interface, top quality casing, and many other technical attributes that should leave nothing to be desired.

The Laxman is the only light and sound relaxation system that allows you to add neurologically effective visual structures to your own music tracks and to carry light and sound in one single device. Use the MP3 player to create your own multimedia event – enjoy your own music not only as an auditory but also as a visual- and sensual experience!

“The Laxman has increased my overall wellbeing by a significant degree - I am now more mentally and emotionally stable, happier, relaxed and at ease with the world due to the use of the Laxman coupled with regular exercise. The Laxman has had such a profound and positive impact on my life that I could not imagine life without it from now on, it's an awesome piece of kit and I would go as far as to say anyone suffering major depression or dysthemia could literally heal fully with regular use of the Laxman coupled with the correct social and psychological aides, medication not required. 5 stars out of 5, a great machine " ----- M.B. - London,

UK Revolutionary Glasses

The Laxman's Glasses break new grounds: they can create every colour of the light spectrum. The light is transmitted indirectly onto closed or open eyes. Interference patterns generate kaleidoscopic structures in all colours. This new breakthrough technology alone works extraordinarily well for shifting mind-states, but its effectiveness is compounded with the Ganzfeld Effect of the goggles. You will be awash in kaleidoscopic geometric structures while you shift into a more relaxed state of mind. The Ganzfield (German for "complete/full field") effect happens when the sensory system is steadily overloaded with a uniform signal from a featureless field of vision. Ganzfield creates the illusion of an open field of vision of infinite depth. It can help you enter into a profoundly altered state similar to sensory deprivation. The Ganzfield effect is very desirable during visualization, meditation or relaxation practices to reduce distractions and to deepen the state. When the Ganzfeld effect is used in conjunction with light and sound the effect is very powerful.

“I would like to add my comment to the already flourishing testimonials you possess. The Laxman is an extremely good machine which offers so much in the way of relaxation, meditation and learning that it outshines its medical compatriots. I thoroughly recommend the Laxmanm especially when bought from MeditationsUK - one has exceptional after-sales service and a knowledgeable team willing to help at short notice." ----- Dr Sue Palam - London, UK

Create Your Own Sessions

The Laxman is the only relaxation device that incorporates a light and sound system and an integrated MP3 player. This means that you can download audio tracks (such as music, self-development tracks, affirmations, subliminals, guided meditations, etc) directly onto your Laxman and then combine them in just a few seconds with light and sound sessions. This adds another dimension to using light and sound machines that can be incredibly rewarding. If you want to take it even further, you can open any MP3-file in the LaxEdit software and place precise colour and frequency events with the help of an intuitive time line or an analytic table. Afterwards, you transfer the produced lax file together with the respective MP3 to the Laxman by means of the provided USB cable. The session now appears in the Laxman menu and can be used like the pre-installed sessions.

“I am very impressed with the Laxman. I've used other 'light and sound' machines but this is very different from any I've tried before. Being able to transfer music and self-development tracks on to the Laxman makes it very convenient to use and means that everything I need is on one system instead of me having to connect different components together. The light goggles are amazing and produce an incredibly soothing visual effect. I'm glad I bought it." ----- Alan Simmons, Bournemounth, UK