(Magnetic Therapy)

This has long proved to be a simple powerful and entirely painless method of dealing with most illnesses, injuries and other ailments without creating side effects. The bipolar magnetech in not electrically induced magnetism, it is compact and easy transportable in a carrying case. It is the most important medical apparatus for quick release of pain, toxins, and muscle stress. It can often alleviate the need for surgery and medical drugs. It is able to deal with health problems where long orthodox treatment has failed. Suitable for medical practitioners and complimentary therapists.The Magnetech has also been called the magic wand by users of this product.

It heals burns, skin and broken bones, even through plaster at 40% faster than normal healing rate. It has been used for Frozen shoulders, Strokes, Leg ulcers, severe heart problems, conception difficulties, bad circulation, stomach pains, varicose vains, food allergies, Jaundice, Verruca, Hip replacement, Whip Lash, Diabetes, PMS, Prostate problems and body pain.

Health Practitioners say that the Magnetech is much more powerful than other more Expensive magnetech therapies.