Procyon Meditation Machine

Introducing Procyon, a new kind of light and sound experience, melding a full spectrum of colour choices with clean, pure digital sound. The resulting new mediaform can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways.

Its state-of-the-art colour synthesis elements can modulate smoothly between fields of pure colour (ganzfeld), through subtle shimmering effects, to full-on flicker frequency range up to 75 Hz. Each colour channel (red, green, and blue) is independently programmable, allowing up to three simultaneous stimulation frequencies at once. This variety of innovative visual effects enables a new kind of audio-visual experience, and can closely match colour to the desired mental state.

“Thank you for all the follow up emails you have sent me regarding the use of my meditation machine. Your post sales support are appreciated. My Procyon machine has been very helpful in calming my very busy mind. It has also helped me become conscious of my breathing and my body thereby enhancing my awareness of the present moment. I find on using the machine that my tense breathing calms down almost immediately. The machine is very helpful in assisting me reach a different level of awareness whenever I find myself in an uncomfortable and stressful state." ----- Margaret - Cambridge, UK

Colour, mood and awareness

It has long been known that colour can have a profound effect on cognition and perception. That's why colours such as blue and green are often used in hospitals and prisons-due to their calming effects. Research has shown that pure coloured light can achieve this same goal: for example, red light is more effective at inducing mental and physiological activation, while blue light reduces such activation and can instill a sense of deep calm. Yellow, on the other hand, appears to help the mind focus while studying and can allow access to "peak performance" mind-states.

It is possible to use the Procyon to produce pure, jewel-like colours which do not flicker at all. It can also play sequences which unfold gradually, or shift rapidly from hue to hue. When this is done in the range of about 4 to 20 times per second, especially unusual visual and psychological effects can be produced, inducing the illusion of complex, shifting geometrical imagery. This imagery can be so compelling that the mind clears of extraneous thoughts and distractions and the other stressors of daily life.

“When you start a session It is very fast acting a few deep breaths & you are in a trance like state far superior than a recorded guided meditation, even with back ground noise in my home I still can have a great session. I have noticed a great change in myself, I'm back in the gym with a greater concentration towards achieving my goals, more confident with less procrastinating involved, more get up & go. I have a clearer head with less worries, I don't lose my temper as much, I feel more at peace with myself & others. When I meet other people I am more natural & don't feel nervous in any way. I am now using my ipod to patch into the Procyon with music & guided meditations which make the machine an even more powerful tool. Overall I feel the machine has been life changing in a way I could not believe I look forward to your news letters & updates to get the best usage out of the machine, the service is spot on in my book. I would recommend Meditations UK to anyone interested in bettering their mind, its worked for me & this is only the beginning of my journey!!!." ----- S. Gannon - Oxford, UK