Proteus Meditation Machine

The Proteus is aimed at people who are looking for an advanced Meditation Machine at a low cost and comes with 50 pre-loaded sessions. In addition to sessions that lead you into deep relaxation and meditation , there are programs to aid sleep, improve learning, enhance memory, creativity and visualisation and much more. The Proteus is exceptionally easy to use and its programmes range in length from 10 to 60 minutes.

“I really think this is an excellent way for busy people to unwind, find balance etc. I used to meditate regularly and persue other spiritual practices, but since the birth of my little boy, now two, I do not have as much time for these activities. The Proteus is a good way to help maintain a balanced and healthy frame of mind, to remain compassionate, calm, and to feel the magic that altered states can work on my life. ” ----- Zoe Reynolds - West Midlands, UK