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Homeopathic treatment for people who are feeling run down or unwell

This is the most popular treatment in the Clinic. Our food and water chain contain a lot of toxins which adversely affect the body. Where a person feels unwell and in poor energy they may have lost their interest in doing things and have no get up and go in them, then this type of treatment will be most beneficial for them. Kinesiology works with the energy of the body which may be depleted due to the build up of Toxins or the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Type of Treatment

Kinesiology testing through the use of homeopathy determines which toxins need to be removed from the body and what supporting remedies are needed to get the body up and going again. All remedies are tested for Life force increase so we know in advance that when taking the remedies they will have a positive effect in the body.

Causes of Breakdown of Body's energy system

Body weaknesses can be caused for example by heavy metal toxicity, chemicals in food and water, food additives, fungus or mould etc. When these are removed from the body fully, they normally allow the body to return to good vitality with the support of good organ support remedies within a few weeks. The person usually feels full of energy again.