Testimonials on Geopathic Stress.

M.G. says:

"I want to say a sincere thank you to you for the transformation that has happened on two fronts as a result of your recommendations. I was shocked to find I was living and working in a toxic environment. And now looking back I can see the effect on me. We work very long hours in this business, I couldn’t quite get through a day without having a sleep in the afternoon and I was always tired. I was always stressed and prone to erratic mood swings. Just a few weeks later I now have the energy, enthusiasm and feel nothing is a challenge, The “Oxytech” Tablets work!!" - Read More...

T.K from Roscommon says:

"I was as weak as water in a stupor, I didn’t have any desire to work, and I was in chronic Fatigue most of the time. I then contacted Padraig King who told me there was the possibility of Geopathic Stress in his house. Then I contacted the Life Vitality clinic and they confirmed the presence of Geopathic Stress in my house. I purchased the Raditech Neutraliser and installed it in the house." - Read More...

J.G. From Dublin says:

"I suffered coldsores for many years to the point my mouth was covered in scabs. It was very painful. I tried every cure over a number of years but no avail. I purchased a Raditech and the coldsores persisted for a few days after I plugged it in but months later I have not had the problem since."

M.B from Kildare says:

"My sleep and tiredness were very bad. Playtime with the children was limited. I could not keep up with life. I was so tired. I had myself secretly diagnosed with M.E. It is early days yet, but going on the results so far I’m looking forward to the rest of my life and life in my body to enjoy it."

Y.R from Meath says:

"I’m feeling as if I’m getting back to myself and I now go to work each day and I use the Raditech every evening. The fish are all living at this time and we have eight in all. Thanks for all your help".

Testimonial on Juice Plus

MMcG From Monaghan May 2015 says:

Q. Why did you give up Juice Plus after two years?

A. To see how I would get along.

Q. So how did you do in those 2 months?

A. I soon realised that my energy was going down as I was very busy.

Q. So what did you do?

A. I went back on them as soon as I realised what was happening

Q. So how are you now?

A. My energy is back up again and I’m sleeping well also after just a few weeks.

Q So you now see the difference?

A. Yes I do and I won’t be going off them in a hurry in the future

Crohns Disease - November 2014:

As it's Mothers Day I'll share this wee scéal about my mothers visit to her consultant last Wednesday. Those of you who know my mother will probably know that she has suffered from Crohn's Disease for over 15yrs and has been taking a minimum of 4 tablets a day Read More...

KJ From Louth says:

My husband joined the Juice Plus business in 2013. I assisted him a little. Because of my medical condition I could not do the business at that time. I started taking Juice Plus in early 2014 Read More...

Ann Cassidy from Wicklow says:

Since starting on Juice Plus, I have found my energy levels have increased substantially. I also used to suffer with sore throats and would get colds or flu's during the year, but have not any while I have been taking Juice Plus.

Julian Grant says:

I have found it a fantastic addition to our daily diet, not just for myself, but my older son who is taking the gummies and has not had a cold, flu or been sick at all since starting on Juice Plus.

B.C. From Louth says:

"I have been taking Juice Plus fruit and vegetable capsules for about 9 months now. I can feel myself getting stronger and recovering from the poor state I was in last year. My health and energy have greatly improved. I have gone back walking a few times weekly and feel good. Most of all I have returned to playing tennis which was something I really enjoyed but couldn't do for a few years. I didn't think I would ever feel good enough to go back playing Tennis. I am so happy about this."

Testimonials on Clinical Treatments

Jane says...

"Hi Pat, thanks for fab service. I got my order this morning After just ordering them at 2pm yesterday. So delighted have a fab evening. Jane "

Mary from Co. Louth:

"My 2yr old son was suffering greatly from rash all over his skin. I had taken him to various medical people to find out what was causing the problem. I came to the Life Vitality Clinic with him and it was discovered that the cause of the problem was that myself and my husband were smokers and that this was badly affecting the child. A Homeopathic remedy was prescribed and my child was fully recovered within 4 weeks when all his skin rash had disappeared. Since then, my husband and I have given up smoking which has been fortunate for all the family."

Tommy from Meath:

"I had recently separated from my Wife as a result of an addiction she had. I came for treatment to the Clinic suffering from alot of anger and resentment.Within 6weeks I found myself free of all emotion related to this traumatic separated and now I feel freer and more focused on my work. I also took some remedies to help my physical body which was also suffering. I now feel freer and more capable than I have felt in years and could confidently recommend the Clinic."